Paper Doll’s~ Paints a little…

I had a period of about ten years where I painted some.

I was inspired to do so by a lifelong love for the artwork of Alberto Vargas.  While I never came remotely close to his skill I did the best I could to portray femininity with affection and taste.

My poroprtions were often wrong, the hands and feet were really too small for the rest of the figure but there is stil a thread that runs through them all I think.  The trigger for all this was a painting I saw that was so offensive to me, brightly colored as it was, it inspired me to learn to paint.  I started out by doodling on napkins and this is the result.  The name “Paper Dolls” is based on an old Mills Brothers song and the fact that they are watercolor on paper.
This one is one of my most “famous” pieces made on a piece of scrap.  You can see the trace of a crease in the stock if you look closely.  It is of a girl named Gina, a woman of singular beauty and a dear friend.  I have no idea where the piece is now…


This one is the first one I ever sold.  She is also my favorite, probably.  I had brought her down to The Bar to show her off and a musician came in and said “I want to buy that.”
“You don’t have enough money” I said.
“How much you want?” he asks.
He’s a musician!n  They’re always broke!  “$300.00” I said
He bought her that night.
She bought me a Nikon camera that I used to take these shots of my painings.  The colors aren’t very true.  Most of them have a golden overglow to them due to the airbrush I used but right now this will have to do…
I miss this one.  I always called her “Goldie”.  I used a clipping from a Cosmo magazine for her.  Many of my paintings were based on nameless Cosmopolitan models.