From The Bar ~ The Mating Dance ~ The Mighty Hunter Speech

The Mating Dance is a series of observations of human nature in pursuits of  (more or less) romantic endeavor   They are not in any particular order.  That would imply rationality .


                                                   The Mighty Hunter Speech.

This is the verbal resume’ a guy goes into when he see a girl he like and wants to be with.
In it, he describes what a catch he would be for the lass should she decide to accept his affections.  Somehow, even tempered with what should be maturity, it doesn’t really improve from the way he felt about himself when he were twelve.
It has changed little since humans first started talking.
With variations, it goes like this:

Hrok is Mighty Hunter
Hrok is rugged.  Hrok is Smart!  Hrok is so smart he has to deliberately cover part of it up so people aren’t so jealous.

Hrok “can handle himself” implying invincibility in the field of battle…
Hrok may brag of his herd and cave.  Of course few people have herds anymore nor do they live in caves but the sense is the same.  Hrok will have a great car or truck.  Some Hroks have “Harley’s”.

If he is not living at home with his parents Hrok will claim to have cool digs.
Hrok either has money or will have some soon.

Sometimes he can do tricks like bend aluminum cans his bare hands or belch at will.
All this to convince you, if you are a female, that you would be wise to want to bed Hrock
This last sentiment is not often actually voiced.
Not over the first drink anyway.

The “Hrok is Mighty Hunter” speech may not get delivered all at once.  No. Not at all.

It is inserted into conversation whenever it can be managed, a section at a time.  If the guy really likes the girl it may take several encounters to trot out the whole speech.  Sometimes it is delivered more than once for reinforcement.  But they all have one and I think it’s safe to say that, given time, every guy’s ‘Hrok is Mighty Hunter” Speech”, including upgrades, is constantly at the ready.