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Welcome To The Norm’s Spot

The time has come,” The Norm has said, “to talk of many things… of social slips, of nutty acts, of sadness, joy and strings…

Musings, rambles, prosal thoughts… toy surprise inside…


I write a little, paint a little and am something of a musician…

When I play Dobro I favor Josh Graves in style and execution.

I play finger style guitar too, favoring Chet Atkins and Merle Travis.

I set up this site mainly to have a place for my writings and my music…

What’s In Here

The Home Page of my website contains my postings starting with my latest. Use the search field if you’re looking for one of my posts and know the title of it.
Selecting a Category which will list all the postings in that category.

If you copy/paste this line into your browser search field


It will take you to my YouTube musical offerings. I put them up around 2013 as a legacy and to share my musical efforts such as they are.

Reflections on the Garcia is a stand alone page as is The Write Down Book. Each of those has their own foreword and reason for being. Their links can be seen at the top of this site.

If you use RSS you can get my postings delivered to your favorite reader by subscribing to my RSS feed.

.. and if you like what you see, tell folks. This is meant to be shared…

Are you into Facebook? I’m findable as Norm Van but I’m slow friending people I don’t know. message me as well as doing the “add friend” thing

2 thoughts on “About Me / What’s Here

  1. Howdy Norman…. Via the Reso-Nation site, I managed to find that cool article you wrote on experiences with Josh ‘back when’. Brilliant stuff, man! Coming to Californee to visit Brother Bob at the end of the month… hope to see you at some point. /// Mike

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