Through another’s eyes…briefly…


A certain reviewer for the San Francisco Weekly, Casey Burchby, had arrived at the Fox Theater on a Wednesday night to see and write about a certain character making an appearance there.

For those of you who don’t know, there is a night club setting adjunct to the Fox Theater called the Club Fox and it was my habit to go there on Wednesday nights.

When I go to Club Fox, since it is a music venue I go in “full regalia” that being black boots, pants, a black vest, white shirt a very colorful cravat and my legendary black hat with its long tail feather from a Blue and Gold Macaw and a gold filled ebony walking stick.

Some nights I would go there with Kevin Jarvis and some nights I would go alone. On my ‘loner’ nights I liked to take a cab.

Imagine my surprise when the owner of Club Fox told me this Casey Burchby had written about me…

You wonder how you look to others…

Sometimes you find out…

There were no costumes, sadly, amid this Wednesday afterwork crowd. There was, however, a very tall older gentleman who alighted gingerly from the rear of a limousine in front of the theater, sporting a Western-themed mode of dress, a long salt-and-pepper beard, and an oversized black cowboy hat with a two-foot pheasant feather sprouting from its band. Sadly, my technical ineptitude with the camera means that there is no photographic evidence of this cane-wielding Deadwoodian character — but he lives in my memory like a mythic specter of the old West.

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  1. Hi Norm,

    Stumbled upon your site today. You gave me guitar lessons in 1965/66 at Guitars Unlimited. I had started out in 1964 at Dana Morgan’s (didn’t get Jerry, they put me with some Jazzer), but after a few months knew I wanted more Rock’n Roll. However, I did befriend and take lessons from Ralph Huges off and on over the years. I then moved on the Henry White at Gelb Music. I use to see Sidney and his wife glumly sitting behind the counter in the evenings while I went into the booth with Henry. Things started to open up for me. Later while purchasing strings from Bob Weir behind the counter at Guitars Unlimited, I heard off in the corner these sweet Brazilian riffs coming from this mild mannered guy named Arden Beck. I took up with him for a while, and also at Guitars Unlimited I met you and also took lessons from you. You taught me how to finger pick. And, I still have your business card from back then (in my scrap-book), which states:

    “Flat Pickin’ Thumb Lickin’ Finger Pickin’ Guitar
    Taught by Norm Van Maastricht
    Atkins- Travis Style

    Good to see you are still out and about.


    LG King

    1. Boy, that goes back a ways…

      I never taught at Guitars Unlimited. Had to be either Goetz Bros or Gelb Music both in RC

      I remember those cards… there’s a story there. I may write it up

  2. Hi Norm,

    I stumbled on to this website by chance and recognized my friend Norm with the feather in his hat……who had that painting of the red head with the hot short shorts on hanging in Barney Steel’s and everyone used to think it was me….anyway, how are you Norm, long time! I have seen you once in a while walking in downtown Redwood City and I’m always driving, sometimes I honk. I sure miss those days at Barneys. I saw in one of your talks on here you were talking about a guy named Dan, and how he was the doorman at Barney’s, did he pass away? I don’t know if I remember him. I do remember a guy named Dan, he was funny, sometimes he wore a floppy hat…going bald….do you remember him? How about Terri the bartender? I Don’t remember her last name. Well it’s so nice to find you and I hope your doing good and still have that feather….your a sweetguy, I hope this reaches you and I hear back soon. Take care Norm.

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