From The Bar~The Mating Dance ~ Snapshots ~

Another segment of a project The Rise and Fall of a Saloon In The Latter Part off The Twentieth Century. These excerpts are not chronological. In fact very little logic prevails…


The Mating Dance is a series of observations of human nature in pursuit of  (more or less) romantiic endeavor   They are not in any particular order.  That would imply rationality .

This sampling is unconnected synapses.  Brief  little spots in time.

                                             None of these are about the one person.  

  Which is why I call it…

None of these items are attributable to or about you…

                  … I don’t think

Save The Last Dance For Me


She was a lean, tight bodied, high breasted beauty…dark hair in a pixie-ish cut.  A Latina, or partly so, with high cheekbones and a generous mouth…


Her makeup looked like she spread it on a wall and ran her face into it


She was a young thing, barely twenty one.  She favored tight t-shirts which did little to hide or diminish her dark nipples, faintly visible, through the thin cloth.  A tall girl, slender… usually wore jeans but sometimes wore almost diaphanous dresses because she knew they showed off her legs to an advantage…

Don’t get too close to that candle little moth…  (The Write Down Book)


She was a pretty girl but she somehow managed to look as if she was mis-cast in a high school play


She moved like a denim clad sidewinder…


A light pout on her mouth
Uncurled but thick eyelashes


If she comes up to you with her hands behind her back and wiggles her shoulders it tends to arch her back slightly to enhance the thrust of her breasts.  This is usually accompanied by a fluttering of her eyelashes, a sure sign she either wants something or has a bridge to sell


She was a cross between colt and puppy
All wiggles and struts.


Some women can do wonders of cuteness with a cap or a hat.
When it works it is as effective as Odysseus’ Sirens
When it doesn’t it is about as exciting as a stump


Women can do amazing thing with a button or two at their bodice

Making the man think he’s seeing more than he is.


Want a hint?
Don’t eat bar popcorn or bar nuts and breathe on people if you can help it….
I know it tastes good but if you have to talk closely to someone (or maybe kiss them) equalize things somehow.  Take a mint or make sure you intended has eaten some also.


I like to come and check out the stock.


A woman’s eyes take a special glint when they know they’re wearing what looks good on them…


Some do a better job of being female than others.


They scan, weigh and judge, dismiss their target in the flicker of an eye.  If you interest them they’ll look again


The Warner brothers twins, porky and pig


Gender Check!

Yikes Dykes


‘I’m so cute I can’t stand it’


It’s not that she was perfect.  She wasn’t.  It’s just that there was so little of her that warranted correction.


Sometimes a wig works… sometimes it doesn’t…


When women have a breast augmentation and they get older the NewBoob skin doesn’t’ age the same way as the rest of them does and they end up looking like their bodies were put together out of kits and the parts got mixed up.


Tarted up a bit…

A sweetness of pink lips and a dollop of eye shadow…

Very effective…


“You’ll do.”  she said


For Meeee…???