From The Bar ~ The Meat Market


Another segment of a project The Rise and Fall of a Saloon In The Latter Part off The Twentieth Century.  These excerpts are not chronological.  In fact very little logic prevails…


The Meat Market

No matter where they are…

Most people are trying to escape.

__The Write Down Book

Meat market
A market where meat is sold.

Slang. An establishment, such as a nightclub, where one looks for a sexual partner.

Those that called The Bar a meat market most condescendingly were likely those who never got laid.

Certainly some people went to The Bar hoping to pick up a quick sexual liaison. To say otherwise would be a joke, nay it would be a damn lie. With a cynically trained eye a person could stand at the front door with the doorman (a spot I favored) and those people Looking For Something Warm and Wet might as well had neon signs pointing at them. Pheromones would be thick enough to cut with a knife on some nights.

The eyes would sparkle and the lip gloss gleamed wetly on many a lip promising Great Delights if the proper key were applied and some hinted that the lock may not even be engaged.

The universally fetching Great American Icon, the Little Black Dress, would make its appearance along with short skirts freeing lovely legs and even the semi-translucent blouse. Breasts, enclosed in brassieres or unfettered and mobile, would be challenging the restraining cloth of blouse or dress, often threatening to escape…and occasionally succeeding…much to the delighted eyes of the males and the steely, sidelong glances of The Competition.

But it can also be said that people came for other reasons. And some did.

Truth be told, some came for drugs because having a good time and drugs will always go hand in hand particularly among the young as they experiment and challenge the idea that they will live forever. The Owner had a firm immediate termination rule aimed at any employee caught selling drugs. So at The Bar buying drugs was not always a possibility but women could usually find a guy on the make who was using cocaine as a lure. And like any fisherman the guy would often go home with his bait can empty and no fish to show for it.

Some, women mostly, came to enjoy the music and dance..

The man who does not dance is at a severe disadvantage in a live music saloon.

True, some women do not dance but dancing is a refined form of flirtation and a powerful tool when a guy was looking for companionship. Dancing allowed a woman to ‘accidentally’ do touchings and displays she might be too shy to try off the dance floor and the male who spurns dancing because he feels it’s ‘unmanly’ is only impressing himself and often will have only himself to go to bed with that night.

But having said that, many couples met and married via The Bar and at least one wedding was held there.

“Meat Market?”

You read of admonitions to avoid saloons to try to find partners. You should instead go to church groups or special interest groups…museum or art/literary groups. Now a question that might be asked is if you go to such gathers specifically looking for a hookup does that not make that setting a meat market?

Some magazine articles claimed that those trolling for companionship might find such in the local supermarket. At least ‘market’ is in the title of the location so it is, if anything, honest.

Because the hormones are coursing through people’s veins any event or locale that puts a male and a female together can be a potential pick up situation and if an area becomes a popular meeting spot then you have a ‘meat market.’.

Was The Bar a meat market?

You bet it was!

People went there with the distinct aim to corrupt the morals of their fellow humans.

People went there looking for companionship.

People went there looking to slake their lusts

Some succeeded.

Most did not.