From The Bar ~ The Very Important Call…

Another segment of a project The Rise and Fall of a Saloon In The Latter Part off The Twentieth Century.  These excerpts are not chronological.  In fact very little logic prevails…


Once Upon A Time

There were no Cell Phones.


And Once upon a time there was a  man…short, glasses, balding…

One of those people you would rather not notice, I guess.

He wasn’t a bad guy…always polite…just wanting to fit in but never quite…

Not too good looking,  Not at all… but something else about him…a sad invisibility…

He worked in the neighborhood.  Some kind of white collar engineer in a small local firm.

He came in every day for lunch.

He would always press through the crowd to tell Tiffany that he was expecting a Very Important Call and be sure to tell him if it came in..  He would be sitting “right over there”.

And it didn’t come.  And it didn’t come.  There was never a call for him.

But he daily would come in, let Tiffany know about his Very Important Call.  He would vocalize those three words a little louder and glance around to see if anyone noticed who the Very Important Call would be going to.

It made him special for just a few seconds…

Then he somehow would become invisible…as if he’d never been there.

One day it happened… The Call came in.

What was it about?  Who knows.

The thing is… from the time Tiffany called his name until he picked up the phone, a distance of maybe ten or fifteen feet,  he grew six inches taller and two thirds of his hair grew back during those few steps.  He looked Important which, of course, he must be.

Who else would get a Very Important Call?

Did anyone even notice or care?

Doesn’t matter.

He did.

There are some people who live their entire lives without anyone hailing them from the other side of a room

___ The Write Down Book.