From The Bar ~ The Mating Dance~The Little Black Dress~

The Mating Dance is a series of obvservations of human natrure in pursuits of  (more or less) romantiic endeavor   They are not in any particular order.  That would imply rationality .


She was an average looking girl, a little on the plump side but not obese…the kind of plump that, on a young woman, can seem sensuous to some men.

She was looking a little downcast and was sitting on the stool by the side door when I came in.

“Why so glum?” he asked

“I’m going to a party I really don’t feel like going to.” she sighed.

“Wellll…why are you going to it if you don’t feel like going?

“I don’t have a date. I hate it when I don’t have a date.”

“So don’t go.”

“I promised I would go.”

“Are there going to be unattached males there?” Iasked.

“Sure,” she said, “but there will be lots of competition, too…”

I pondered this for a moment….

“You got a Little Black Dress? he asked.

“Of course I do. Everyone has a Little Black Dress.”

“Okay… do this… wear the Little Black Dress and no underwear. Not a stitch of underwear!” (admonishing finger held in the air.)

“What good will that do?” she asked.

‘By itself, none,” I said. “What you need to do then is to whisper in one or two of the guy’s ears, breathy like, and tell them that you’re naked under that dress and they’ll be on you like ants on honey.”

She thought about this for a while and said “what have I got to lose?”

The next day I received flowers at the bar…

The Mating Dance ~

“How Can I Love You If You Won’t Lay Down?”

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